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Can't get Taxi Insurance

Can’t Get Taxi Insurance?

Can’t get taxi insurance? If you’re struggling to get a cheap taxi insurance quote that sufficiently covers your taxi business you’re not alone. At ChoiceQuote we’re regularly approached by taxi drivers who have come up against obstacles during their search for a suitable policy, so we understand how daunting this process can be. But never Read the full article…

Taxi Insurance and Taxi Rank

Where to get Taxi Insurance

Finding the answer to the question ‘where to get taxi insurance’ and getting a cheap taxi insurance quote isn’t always easy. While there are many insurance providers out there, the majority fail to combine a high quality service with a reasonable premium. One of the main reasons for this disparity is a lack of experienced Read the full article…

Taxi insurance

What does Taxi Insurance cover?

Like any type of insurance, taxi insurance will vary between policies and providers but the essential features often remain the same, making it worth having a general understanding of the question ‘what does taxi insurance cover?’ As the name suggests, taxi insurance is designed to cover vehicles used as a taxi, including both public and Read the full article…