Van Insurance

Cheap courier insurance can be costly

Friday, 4th March, 2016

There are plenty of shortcuts to cheap courier insurance. But what happens when you’re not properly covered? The short answer is that you can be out of pocket – underinsured, or not insured at all

Courier Insurance

Why use an insurance broker for courier insurance?

Friday, 4th March, 2016

There are many pitfalls when it comes to searching for a cheap courier insurance policy, and searching online reveals a number of companies who only offer access to one insurer.


The pitfalls of not declaring the work that you do

Friday, 4th March, 2016

Lots of couriers will, on a day-to-day basis, deliver pallets of goods – e.g. parcels and newspapers – and ferry them from one location to another. Hence, they will be insured on that basis.

Van Insurance for Business use

Can’t I just insure my van for business use?

Friday, 4th March, 2016

This is a common question, and not an illogical one. Many independent couriers, starting out for the first time in business, will own their own vehicle, and will already be insuring it on a private van policy.

Goods in Transit Cover

Why do I need goods in transit cover?

Friday, 4th March, 2016

Goods in transit insurance cover might not be a legal requirement, but for any courier, it really is a must. Couriers who have been delivering goods for a while will know that.


What is a courier?

Friday, 4th March, 2016

It seems a simple enough question – and one that you need to know the answer to before you even know if you need courier insurance!