What Insurance Do I Need to Be a Courier?

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What insurance do I need to be a courier?

Couriers deliver all types of goods as part of their work. You could be transporting parcels, or even medical supplies or electronics. Nobody wants to pay out high insurance premiums but there are particular types of risk associated with this type of work – where you visit multiple locations in a hurry. You are legally required to have some sort of coverage against the risks you pose to other road users, to their vehicles, property and persons. Other types of delivery such as takeaway, haulage or taxi drivers pose different sorts of risks and therefore need different types of insurance. You will be better off finding a policy that is tailored to your business to make sure are fully covered and that you don’t pay more than you need to.

If you work as a courier, you should have insurance for the items you deliver as well as for the risk you pose to other users of the road. Goods in Transit insurance will protect the value of the goods you transport, should they be lost, damaged or stolen. If you have employees, you might need to consider Employers’ Liability Insurance; you might also want to combine the Road Risk insurance with Public Liability Insurance, as part of a cost-effective package that could save your business if you were ever involved in a serious incident. There are also different levels of Road Risk insurance available – for instance, you might want to insure your own vehicle and person against accidents and incidents, or only have a third-party only policy.

Courier insurance is necessary even if you use your personal car to deliver time-sensitive parcels and work part time. However, your private car, motorbike or van insurance – even if you take out Class 1 Business use – will not protect your work as a courier. There are different types of courier insurance depending on the type/s of vehicle you drive and the nature of your work.

Different types of courier insurance

If you use five or fewer vehicles in your courier business you will need courier insurance for each vehicle. If you have six or more vehicles you would be likely to get a better deal by negotiating a Van and Fleet Courier Insurance policy. If you use a car for your courier business there are policies that are tailored to your needs.

Our Courier Van Insurance policies can be combined with additional extras such as breakdown and accident recovery, European cover, and protected no-claims discounts. Take time to think about what you need from your courier insurance policy, and what sorts of premiums and excess you would be willing to pay. Courier Fleet Insurance is for when you have more than five vehicles (and when most of these are vans). This type of insurance allows you to change the vehicles you cover through time, and there are a number of special features from which to choose.

Couriers operate in a wide range of areas with vastly differing circumstances, so at ChoiceQuote we negotiate cover that is tailored to your specific business. We make sure we have all the relevant information on your vehicles, your drivers’ history and experience, the area you cover, and the type/s of goods you work with. By working with us you won’t be inundated with offers as you might be if you use price comparison sites, but you won’t pay more than you need to for cover that is suited to your business. Should you ever be involved in an incident, you’ll have access to our 24-hour claims line. To find out more, simply request a callback or use our online quote form.

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