Courier Vehicle Insurance

When it comes to insurance for courier vehicles, it is best to get the right type for the job. ChoiceQuote has been working with the leading insurance providers since 1995 to find the right cover for your business.

Insurance for courier vehicles

Courier insurance is for when you deliver goods to multiple locations in a time-sensitive manner. When you do this for your work, as a minimum you need to insure this against the risk that your courier vehicle poses to other road users. You may also want to insure the risk to your vehicle, whether it is a van, a motorcycle or a car, or your collection of vehicles if you have a fleet.

Courier Van Insurance is for when you have up to five vans that you use for your courier business. There are three levels of cover available: third party only, comprehensive, and third party, fire and theft insurance. Third-party insurance is the minimum you need to be able to deal with the public safely, and this will cover damage to another vehicle, person, animal or property that is deemed to be your fault. Third party, fire and theft insurance includes those risks as well as the possibility that your vehicle is stolen or involved in a fire. Comprehensive cover includes these types of cover and allow you to claim for accidental damage to your vehicle, too.

There are several related types of cover for couriers such as Goods In Transit Insurance and Employer’s Liability, that you might be able to obtain in one package for a special price. An insurance broker may be able to negotiate ‘add-ons’ to your cover, such as breakdown cover, to help you save on costs. The price of Courier Van Insurance will depend on things that you may be able to choose, such as the amount of excess you pay, and you circumstances, such as the size of your vehicle(s), how many drivers will be on the policy, and the area that you travel.

Van and Fleet Insurance is for when you have more than five vehicles, and this can include a mixture of vans, motorcycles and cars. Dependent on the insurer, this type of insurance allows you to change the vehicles on the policy through time, and widen the cover to include any authorised driver. It may benefit you to have a single policy to deal with rather than a range of policies, and it may save you to pay for fleet cover rather than have single policies for each vehicle. If you drive a car or motorcycle as part of your courier business it will not ordinarily be covered by your private insurance. You will need to cover the specific risks that are associated with a courier business.

Couriers operate in a wide range of areas with vastly differing circumstances. An insurance broker can negotiate cover on your behalf, based on the actual business you carry out. This includes your drivers’ history and experience, the area you cover, and the type of goods you work with.

ChoiceQuote is a leading insurance broker for courier vehicle insurance. Working with leading insurance providers, we have access to special deals and can provide competitive premiums on courier insurance for vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes GVW. We can offer standalone courier insurance policies for independent couriers, self-employed couriers, couriers using cars and established courier companies alike. Even if you are an ex-courier driver with limited claims history or even with driving convictions, we can provide courier insurance advice.

We understand that your courier vehicle is your livelihood and you will want to get back and running as soon as possible, so in the event that you need to make a claim, you would be dealt with quickly and efficiently by our experienced account managers.

For the best insurance for courier vehicles, contact ChoiceQuote today!