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The UK has now officially left the EU. What does this mean for insurance if you drive in the EU now?

You will not need a Green Card for any trips you have planned, which end with your return on or before 31st December 2020.

Beyond that date, Green Cards may be required for EU travel.

We recognise this is an uncertain time for our clients and will endeavour to keep you updated as we learn more.

Please see our commonly asked questions by our existing policyholders below.

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance which guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third party insurance cover. These certificates prove that you are suitably insured to drive in these countries. A physical copy of a Green Card is needed when travelling as digital copies are not currently accepted. If you arrive at the border without a physical Green Card, you will not be allowed to drive in that country.

The Green Card will also need to identify any trailers or towed vehicles. In some EU member states, a separate Green Card is needed for each trailer.

What does it mean to you?

At present, your motor insurance policy allows you to drive within the European Union, so if you are planning a trip that is completed before the 31st December 2020 then no further action is necessary. However, If you know that you will be driving in the EU after the 31st December 2020 then please contact us as soon as possible to ensure that a Green Card can be issued in good time before you travel.

It is a requirement that your Green Card covers a period of a minimum of 15 days. Therefore, if your motor insurance policy is due to expire less than 15 days after the date of travel, you will need to ensure you have confirmed your renewal before you depart (even if your trip is less than 15 days in total).

Vehicle Hire in the EU

Where a Green Card document has been issued to you it will only apply to the vehicle detailed on it. If you want to rent a vehicle whilst you are in the EU you will need to arrange insurance locally, usually via the car rental firm.

How will we be issuing Green Cards?

The process will vary dependent on who your insurance company is. Each insurer is currently putting in place arrangements to issue Green Cards, but it is likely in the vast majority of cases that this will be a manual process. We ask therefore that you contact us in plenty of time before you travel to allow for the Green Card to be issued and sent in the post to you.

Will there be a fee for Green Cards?

Again this will depend on your insurance company. However, to date none have advised us they intend to charge and we will not charge an administration fee as long as the Green Card is requested with 21 days notice.

Further Advice

You can obtain further advice and information at The Association of British Insurers.

You will also need to consider obtaining an international driving permit. You can obtain further details on the Government website.

How to Request a Green Card

If you would like to find out more or request a Green Card from us, please contact us.

Once a request form has been submitted, we will contact your insurer and ensure a Green Card is issued out to you within 21 days.