Motorcycle Insurance and Scooter Insurance Tips

Please note these definitions are for guidance only. For full definitions please refer to your policy document.

Top Tips to reduce your premium

No Claims Bonus – The best way to bring down your motorcycle insurance premium is to keep your nose clean and earn some ‘No Claims Bonus’, even if it means a year or two on a lower cc bike. Two years ‘No Claims Bonus’ may make the dream of a top sports bike possible.

Experience – Experienced riders can often benefit from special rates. This is often just as important as no claims bonus.

Security – Use an insurance approved lock and alarm combination. Alarms are useful, but more and more thieves are stealing bikes by lifting them into a van. Attaching your bike to an immobile object with an insurance approved lock will deter most thieves.

Limit Mileage – If you ride under 5000 miles a year, some insurers will give extra discounts, however if you ride over this the insurer may apply a loading charge.

Voluntary excess – Having extra excess on your policy can save you money off yourmotorcycle insurance, but beware; it’ll cost you if you claim.

What to watch out for

Ask how much excess is on the policy; don’t get a nasty surprise at claim time.

A cheaper policy can equal low cover with lots of policy restriction. Ask what garaging; mileage and security restrictions are on the policy.