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Cheap online motor trade insurance quotes


Cheap Online Motor Trade Insurance Quotes

Looking for cheap motor trade insurance? Then look no further than ChoiceQuote, the UK’s leading provider of great value motor trade insurance.

We search the whole marketplace to find an insurance provider that gives you the cheapest motor trade insurance policy possible to suit your needs – and all it takes is one call to our team of UK-based advisors, who will accurately assess your needs before offering the best value policies in the business.

What is the best way to get cheap motor trade insurance?

While it is certainly possible to get a cheap motor trade insurance quote online, we also recommend that you speak personally to a member of our team, who can adjust your policy to reflect your motor trade insurance cover needs.

When speaking to us directly, you have the opportunity to discuss quotes you may have been given for your renewal or on a new policy. If you are honest about the best insurance quote you have obtained elsewhere, we can look at the best ways of keeping the cost of your policy down to give you not only the cheapest, but also the best motor trade insurance quote possible.

Isn’t it just about getting the cheapest motor trade insurance quote?

Think about the business that you run. There are many different businesses in the motor trade: you might service cars, fit tyres, be a mobile valeter, buy and sell new or used cars, operate from your home or from premises, run a vehicle dismantling business, and work full time in the trade or part time. In each and every case, your needs are different and unique. ChoiceQuote can help to insure a wide range of businesses, in most circumstances.

If you simply want the cheapest trade insurance, then start with third party road risks cover. However, this is not likely to be suitable for the majority of traders, who will require additional cover. You might also want to consider a higher excess – but remember that you’ll have to pay the additional excess if you need to make a claim.

While it is possible to obtain a quote online, it is not necessarily going to offer you the specific cover you need, as it is not as easy to compare the features of motor trade insurance in the same way as it is to compare private car policies online.

Everyone wants to keep costs down, and dealing with a leading broker like ChoiceQuote can help you do that. But it is not just how cheap the insurance is – it’s about getting cover that protects you should the worst happen and you need to make a claim (or someone claims against you).

That’s why speaking to the acclaimed ChoiceQuote team will help to ensure that you get the cheapest trade policy that actually covers you for the wide range of eventualities that you might face. Give us a call today on 01625 885046 or look to get the cheapest online insurance quote now.



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