5 Questions to ask us at the PHTM Taxi Expo to navigate your way to the right insurance!

PHTM Taxi Campaign

Do you feel a little lost with insurance? 

We understand that the world of insurance can be confusing to the everyday consumer and we, at Choicequote want to make this journey as smooth as possible ensuring you fully understand the type of cover you decide to purchase.

We will be attending the PHTM Taxi Exhibition on the 12th and 13th of June in Milton Keynes, if you are visiting, our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any query you may have, even if you want to come and see what we are about and take away some free giveaways, it would be great to see you in person!

Below are some commonly asked questions we come across daily, we thought it best to provide some explanation and address these frequently asked questions. If you would like us to expand on any of these topics on the day, we would be more than willing!

Do I need private hire or public taxi insurance?

Private hire taxi insurance is required if you operate a taxi that is hired in advance. This includes pre-booking Apps like Uber as well as traditional taxi companies. A public hire taxi service does not require a pre-booking. The most renowned example of this type of taxi insurance are black cabs. These are often found in city centres and outside transport links.

Both public hire and private hire taxi drivers must have a taxi licence.

Do we offer taxi fleet and how do I know if this is relevant for me?

You will need taxi fleet insurance if you operate 3 or more taxis. If you operate less, then you will need either public or private single vehicle taxi insurance. Choicequote taxi fleet insurance policies cover 3 or more vehicles and there is no limit of vehicles that can be insured in your fleet.

Our market leading insurance policies can cover anything from black cabs to minibuses including vehicles with up to 10 seats. Vehicles up to 17 seats can be considered as part of the fleet if they comprise 5% to 10% of your overall fleet.

Why would I need public liability insurance as a taxi driver?

Whilst public liability insurance is not a legal requirement as a taxi driver, it is essential. When you are working with members of the public, there is the possibility that they may be involved in an accident and you could be held liable if you do not have public liability insurance, resulting in a claim. This keeps yourself and your business protected from third party legal proceedings.

Can I use my private car no claims bonus for my taxi policy?

We can’t apply your private car no claims bonus to your taxi policy, but some insurers do allow a discount because of it.

I have a Dash Cam does that help with the price?

With a broad panel of insurers to choose from, we do have the capacity to offer certain discounts for such equipment, but this depends on certain criteria and terms.

Come and visit us on stand 35!

You can register for tickets by visiting this link; https://www.phtm.co.uk/milton-keynes-2019.