Annual Motor Trade Summit Highlights the Need for Improved Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019

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The increasing need for digital processes is changing many aspects of the motor trade industry, as highlighted by this year’s Motor Trader Summit on Profitable Digital Marketing in 2019. Various sessions by key speakers covered the need for increased digital spend, online customer engagement and digital retailing opportunities.

This year’s annual Motor Trader Summit focused on Profitable Digital Marketing in 2019, highlighting the increasing importance of all things digital for those in the motor trade industry.

Many businesses and self-employed operatives are still yet to initiate digital systems into their workplace; however, the need for long-term digital marketing strategies, efficient data organisation and streamlined customer management systems are all part of staying competitive in the motor industry today.

Revisiting some of the major concepts outlined by key speakers during the Motor Trader Summit, we explore how motor traders still need to embrace the digital age, and also take a look at why motor trade insurance is still essential for today’s increasingly digital businesses.

A whole new strategy

How do motor traders move away from pre-internet tactics when it comes to selling services and products?

Managing director of Rockar, Martin Sewell, spoke at the Motor Trader Summit 2018 on the topic of pre-internet sales strategies. Specifically, he outlined how tactics that were once effective before the prevalence of e-commerce can no longer be relied upon.

Sewell urges the need for traders to pivot their service offerings to digital systems and says these should be designed to give customers more flexibility when it comes to browsing and purchasing products and services online.

Speaking at the summit he said, “Digitalisation of 100-year-old dealer processes just won’t work. I urge you if you have e-commerce plans that they allow [your customers] to be able to do anything [they] can do in [their] own armchair.

“Can you imagine a world where shopping on Amazon meant once you pressed the ‘Buy Now’ button the platform sent an email to the shop for them to contact you later?”

What this emphasises more than anything is a need for motor traders to integrate efficient e-commerce platforms where customers can easily access the various services of a dealership or car service company from the comfort of their own homes.

Anything short of this will leave you disadvantaged against competitors who are able to cater to this demand better than you are.

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Digital showrooms

How can websites improve visitor appeal and drive more traffic?

According to Martin Dew, digital solutions director at Autoweb Design, dealer websites should be better optimised so that buyers have a reason to visit them.

“You need to give people a reason to enquire,” said Dew, while addressing the Motor Trader Summit about the motivations consumers have for purchasing specific motor trade services.

He commented that it’s common for dealerships and various businesses in the motor trade industry to have reliable websites, but as this is the digital representation of your ‘showroom’, added care and attention needs to be paid to delivering “a very clear call to action”.

Video walk rounds, free finance checks and live chat features were given as examples for engaging with potential customers digitally.

Ultimately, a clear online strategy for targeting customers was highlighted as an important step in a dealership’s evolution as a business.

Using data to inform your marketing activities

Why should businesses build data-oriented structures?

Embracing the digital world goes beyond simply setting up a website. Maximising your potential to target and reach the right customers also relies on using data-oriented approaches to business.

According to Cambria Automobiles’ marketing and innovation head, Ian Godbold, who also spoke at the summit, dealers could see significant profit increases by optimising their overall digital marketing strategies.

Godbold said dealers needed to focus on making their businesses ‘simpler, leaner and more data-oriented’. This involves, he says, effectively using data to evaluate user traffic to websites and understanding how engagement varies across different pages.

The ultimate goal here is to encourage the effective conversion of users through a streamlined and efficient online system where data is used to inform important marketing decisions.

While the need to understand digital marketing practices isn’t a new thing. This speech from Ian Godbold highlights the ongoing correlation that strong digital marketing strategies have with profits in the motor trade industry today.

Safeguard your development with motor trade insurance

What role does motor trade insurance play as the industry becomes increasingly digital?

While the industry evolves, the need for effective motor trade insurance remains central to a well-functioning and profitable business.

Whether you’re a sizeable dealership looking to integrate large-scale digital services into your operations, or a self-employed dealer making your first foray into digital marketing, the need to stay protected should be at the core of your 2019 business strategy.

It’s even more important to make sure your operations are covered as you experiment with different online strategies to find out what best suits your needs. Your motor trade insurance should provide you with the confidence you need to expand your services as you meet the challenges that 2019 has to offer.

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