Quote unquote to beat the winter blues

ChoiceQuote guarantee to beat any motorcycle insurance renewal quote this winter
Every year significant numbers of riders ‘hibernate’ their motorcycles over the cold winter months. Many will fail to renew their motorbike insurance during this time, preferring to wait until the spring, when they will recommence riding. That means gambling that their machines will not be stolen.

“Motorcycle traffic varies throughout the year. Motorcycle travel is concentrated into the summer months. In the peak month of August, there is over twice as much motorcycling travel as there is in February.” (Source: Traffic Surveys, DfT).

ChoiceQuote insurance have launched a scheme to encourage Britain’s 1.52 million motorcyclists to stay on the road this winter and make the most of any dry spells.

ChoiceQuote will guarantee to beat any motorcycle insurance renewal quote before 31st March 2006.

In order to qualify, riders need to be aged between 16-65 and the renewal premium they have been quoted must be over £109 for TPO cover , £115 for TPFT or over £125 for comprehensive cover.

ChoiceQuote are confident that this scheme will be particularly popular with younger riders of sports bikes and will give them an opportunity not only to continue riding over winter, but to sleep safe in the knowledge that they will be covered in the event of a theft.