Capture cars lower West Yorkshire car crime

Car crime in West Yorkshire has dropped by 4,000 offences since 2006 thanks to a fleet of capture cars deployed throughout the area.

A 29-year-old man has been the latest convicted of theft from a vehicle after he broke into a capture car.

He was caught in the act by a hidden CCTV camera and sprayed by specialist DNA marking solution Smartwater.

Inspector Jackie Hawkes from the Burmantofts and Richmond Hill Neighbourhood Policing Team warned: “People who believe they can continue to break into cars will find themselves snared by irrefutable evidence and brought before the courts.”

Despite this success, police are still urging drivers not to leave valuables in their car in order to avoid becoming a victim in the first place.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Advanced Motors has warned car owners who use satnavs to ensure they remove the telltale sucker mark from their windscreen so as not to indicate that a device might be hidden in the glove box.

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