Drivers ‘should take care in wet weather’

Motorists should take extra care when driving in wet weather conditions, it has been advised.

Following news that certain parts of the UK could be set to experience a spell of flooding following the current heatwave, the Institute of Advanced Motorists has warned that certain measures should be taken by drivers to ensure their safety.

The organisation’s chief examiner Peter Rodger explained that a wet road surface increases the chances of slipping while braking or steering.

He therefore suggested driving at a steady pace and keeping a good distance behind vehicles in front.

“Another thing to consider when driving in wet conditions is stopping distances, as roads are slippery and it will take longer to stop. So drop your speed and give yourself more time to slow down,” he said.

This comes after car service centre chain ATS Euromaster recently warned motorists who are planning a long-distance drive as part of their summer holiday to have a safety check carried out on their vehicle before setting off.

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