Drivers warned to prepare tyres for winter

Drivers have been urged to ensure their tyres are prepared for coping with treacherous conditions expected on winter roads.

Despite the dangers of driving with bald or under inflated tyres, new research has revealed that most motorists are in need of replacement tyres.

The study, carried out by tyre provider Protyre, showed that only 20 per cent of drivers have their cars fitted with safe tyres.

The organisation’s retail director Simon Hiorns said: “Only one in five tyres on cars seen at Protyre outlets have tyres that are correctly inflated and many have only 2mm of tread, whilst not illegal, in need of replacement from a safety perspective.”

He therefore urged motorists to replace tyres when the tread depth falls below 3mm and inflated to the correct level of pressure as advised by the car’s handbook.

Meanwhile, GEM Motoring Assist has called for vehicle manufacturers to include tyre pressure gauges as part of spare tyre equipment kits in a bid to encourage drivers to maintain correct inflation pressure.

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