Flashing bus lights to fight tailgating

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) has revealed that buses are to be fitted with signs that flash if the motorists behind is speeding or tailgating.

Drivers breaking the two-second distance rule by driving too close behind a bus will be reminded by the illuminating sign on the Stagecoach buses in a bid to reduce the number of accidents on the roads involving buses.

Andrew Davis, ETA director, said: “Overtaking large vehicles can be treacherous, so the back end of a bus is an ideal place to remind drivers if they are speeding or tailgating.”

Meanwhile, the Institute of Advanced Motorists issued a warning to motorists about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol this Christmas.

It claimed that even “the odd tipple” when at a festive house party is enough to impair a driver’s judgment and ability when behind the wheel.

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