Ford Fiesta Edge ECOnetics is choice for National Grid

Vehicles with low operating costs are being favoured as the must-have cars for large businesses, sales figures show.

The National Grid is the latest blue chip British organisation to invest in the cheaper running costs of motors after an order of 80 Ford Fiesta Edge ECOnetics was delivered to the company’s headquarters this week.

Fleet operations manager David Morse said: “Our ‘user-chooser’ company car scheme was not appropriate for such a large number of new, young engineers. Ford was successful in the tender process and the Fiesta ECOnetic fitted the bill perfectly.”

National Grid cited the benefits in value for money as well as the environmental advantages as to why it chose to go with the Ford model.

Primary use for the cars will be to transport trainee workers from university to the office as many of them take on placements with the company in the hope of gaining a full-time job at the end of their degree.

The Ford Fiesta Edge ECOnetic retails at prices starting from £10,795.

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