Glasgow drivers warned of further cold weather disruptions

Motorists in Glasgow have been advised to expect poor driving conditions on the roads to continue due to the ongoing bad weather.

Authorities have warned drivers to make sure they take sufficient care on the city’s roads in order to allow them to cope with the snow and ice which continues to affect western Scotland, reports the Glasgow Evening Times.

The M8, M77, and M73 are among the roadways in and out of Glasgow which have been clogged by queuing traffic as a result of the cold snap, while the chances of accidents has also risen.

As a result, road users have been briefed on the importance of driving more slowly and carefully than normal until the highways can be cleared.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “The public are advised to take extra care and refer to Traffic Scotland for further advice on road conditions.”

The recent cold snap has also led to an increasing pothole problem around the city, with the local council having been forced to commit an additional £8 million to its road repair budget in order to cope with this.

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