Government urged to step up road safety measures

Car insurance customers could benefit financially from safer roads since a report released today by parliament’s Transport Select Committee urged the government to make the issue a priority.

The committee’s report was damning towards the government for failing to adequately address road safety.

It recommended that the government implements more 20mph speed limits across the UK and introduces a graduated licensing scheme including imposed restrictions on novice licence holders’ night-time driving.

Road safety charity Brake said it agreed with the committee’s findings and recommendations.

Deputy chief executive Cathy Keeler said: “While the government is on track to meet its casualty reduction targets for 2010, the scandal of complacency outlined by the committee has resulted in a failure to implement proven road safety measures.”

Meanwhile, a third of drivers who responded to the 2008 Northern Ireland Road Safety Monitor said they think it is acceptable to drive after having an alcoholic drink.