Honda unveils green sports car

Japanese car firm Honda is preparing to unveil a sports car with a green conscience at this month’s British International Motor Show.

The low-emission two-seater vehicle is a concept which the company hopes to get customer feedback on before making a decision on future developments.

Honda is calling the car an ‘open study model’ and is referring to it with the tag OSM, rather than giving it a full model name.

Honda said: “The OSM has a slippery, aerodynamic exterior to minimise drag. A wide, sloping rear end incorporates a narrow rear light strip, which wraps around the rump of the car.”

The unusual model could appeal to sports car insurance policy holders awaiting the arrival of more eco-friendly performance vehicles on the market.

The British International Motor Show runs from July 23rd to August 3rd at ExCeL, London, and will also feature a live action arena from Honda which will tell the story of the firm with cars, motorcycles, dancers and robots.