Kent council to combat dangerous driving in the region

Kent county council is increasing its measures to reduce the level of dangerous driving.

The Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership (K&MSCP), which was launched two months ago to capture offenders on camera, has since caught 178 people driving either without their seatbelt or talking on a handheld mobile phone.

But the council has warned that it is now going to step up K&MSCP activity by deploying more vans equipped with cameras because that number was too high.

K&MSCP communications officer Katherine Barrett explained: “The only reason we are doing this is to get people to belt up and switch off.

“You are twice as likely to die in a crash if you are not wearing a seatbelt.”

Meanwhile, an Isle of Man police force safe driving Christmas scheme has been hailed a success after officers reported a decrease in the level of driving offences committed over the holidays.

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