‘Men are brutes under the bonnet’

Male motorists who want to keep their car insurance premiums intact might want to avoid using brute force under the bonnet.

Research by car care specialist Comma has shown that men are twice as likely as women to run the risk of injury when repairing their car in the garage.

Among the findings was that when faced with a rusty, unmoving bolt, 40 per cent of men believe the best way to remove the bolt would be to hit it.

In addition, 40 per cent of men would apply brute force to the job, while the majority of women would ask for some help rather than applying all their strength.

“People need to be sensible when working on their cars,” said Comma spokesperson Mike Bewsey.

“Hitting a spanner or putting too much weight on it could result in you damaging your car, your tools, or even yourself.”

The Guardian recently reported Office for National Statistics figures suggesting that the cost of running a car has increased by 3.5 per cent over the last year.