Motorists ‘should not multitask while driving’

British motorists should under no circumstances attempt to multitask while driving, it has been claimed.

According to tyre specialist Continental Tyres, drivers should refrain from eating, drinking or making a phone call.

It claimed that even using a hands-free set is still too big a distraction for motorists behind the wheel.

The organisation’s Guy Frobisher commented: “Our fast-paced lives can mean little time to fit everything in, but driving is no time for multitasking. Avoid distractions … You could prevent an accident.”

This comes after the organisation revealed that UK drivers only concentrate for two-thirds of the time behind the wheel, while around 60 per cent of people occasionally zone out.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Advanced Motorists recently issued a warning to remind motorists of the dangers involved with driving in wet weather.

It claimed that people should carefully consider stopping distances as they vary depending on different road surfaces.

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