Motorists urged to steer clear of jazzy coloured cars

Motorists have been warned of the dangers involved with choosing cars that are an unusual colour or are particularly bold.

According to British Car Auctions (BCA), unusual looking vehicles might seem like an interesting choice at the time of purchase, but a few months down the line when the colour or shade has gone out of fashion, motorists still have to drive the car.

The organisation’s Tim Naylor explained: “While fashionable colours – such as the current high-impact white finishes – are very appealing now … they can just as quickly become deeply unfashionable.

“[Similarly] limited editions with over fussy colour schemes tend to date quickly.”

This comes after a recent study conducted by BCA revealed silver, blue and black to be the top three most popular colours of car on the road.

Meanwhile, motor care provider Autoglym recently urged drivers to protect their vehicle with a layer of wax or polish this summer to prevent strong UV rays from damaging the paintwork.

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