North-east Scotland road safety initiative launched

Motorists who drive on north-east Scotland roads on a daily basis are likely to notice increased road safety over the forthcoming months as a result of a new council initiative.

The North-East Scotland Road Casualty Reduction Strategy, which was launched this week, will see councillors work in conjunction with police and Transport Scotland in a bid to improve road safety and lower the number of accidents and deaths in the region.

Aberdeenshire councillor Ron McKail explained to the Scotsman: “We aim to do this by an approach combining the ‘Four Es’ – education, engineering, enforcement and encouragement.”

He added that while a lot of the responsibility lies in motorists to drive safely, it is up to the public sector to implement a safe road network.

This comes after Fife Police recently announced plans to deploy officers throughout the Cowdenbeath, Cardenden and Benarty area in a bid to address locals’ concerns over road safety issues.

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