Personal data ‘should not be stored on satnavs’

Motorists looking to avoid a claim on both their car and their home insurance policy this winter might want to follow expert advice and clear their in-built satellite navigation (satnav) systems of personal data.

Leaving information inside the device, such as the driver’s exact address, could be a mistake should the vehicle fall into the hands of a thief, website warns.

“If your car is broken into, particularly if you have an in-built satnav as part of the dashboard, all the offenders have to do is search for ‘home’ or something similar and it will take them right to the door of your empty residence,” said Roger Powell, spokesman for the website.

Meanwhile, motorists who use portable devices could also be at risk of such a crime and are urged to remove the devices from their vehicle when leaving them unattended, Mr Powell added.

Drivers could also take further safety precautions by marking their satnav systems so that it can be identified easily should it get stolen, Surrey Police have suggested.