Police target reckless drivers in road safety operation

East Lancashire police are set to crack down on reckless motorists as part of a safety campaign intended to reduce the number of casualties and deaths on the roads.

Officers will work to educate drivers and enforce traffic laws during a number of action days over the course of two months, following a year which has seen 12 deaths and 112 serious injuries on the district’s roads.

Chief Inspector Damian Darcy, who is leading Operation Pathway, said: “Road collisions happen as a result of a driver error, whether that error is through reckless and irresponsible driving or whether it is something a driver has failed to do.”

Safer roads mean good news all round for drivers whose car insurance premiums could be significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has reported a drop in the number of rogue drivers across Britain who tend to cause the majority of accidents.

A joint government and police study revealed that less people are driving without car insurance, a valid tax disc and current MOT.

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