Speed cameras replacing traffic officers?

A rise in the number of offences detected by speed cameras and a decline in those spotted by police officers is worrying, it has been claimed.

Commenting on the findings, recently published by the Daily Mail, road safety group SafeSpeed.org.uk has said that the revelation is one of concern.

Paul Smith, founder of SafeSpeed.org.uk, said: “Leaving roads policing to cameras was a terrible idea. Speed cameras only detect speed above a speed limit – which isn’t necessarily a cause of danger – but our skilled traffic police can detect and prevent all sorts of risky behaviour.”

He suggested that traffic policing has declined in three ways: there are now fewer dedicated officers, these workers have too much paperwork and they receive less effective training than they used to.

But the Department for Transport states that the cameras can improve road safety and encourage changes in driver behaviour – which could see some motorists avoid car insurance policy claims.