Sports car stolen while on test drive

An Audi RS4 sports car was stolen by two passengers as it was taken on a test drive in the Harrogate area.

The car thieves, two Asian males, forced the driver from the vehicle after one of them pulled the hand brake and the other threatened to brandish a knife.

Police have appealed to anyone who may have seen the “vivid” blue estate possibly driven by the men, both of whom are dark haired, in their 20s and speak with West Yorkshire accents.

It was taken close to the village of Weeton and driven off towards Poole-in-Wharfedale, police added.

Meanwhile, veteran Scottish racer Kenny Allen was overjoyed after his stolen sports car was returned to him undamaged.

The Hamilton Advertiser reported that the Lotus Elan that Mr Allen owned for more than 30 years was stolen from his garage last month.

The 71-year-old racer had made an international appeal as far as Australia to have it returned.

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