Tailgating ‘just as dangerous as speeding’

Motorists have been warned that poor driving such as tailgating is just as dangerous as speeding on the road.

The AA and Autocar are making it their mission to deter drivers from taking unnecessary risks, following a study which revealed that poor driving causes the majority of serious accidents, compared with just five per cent which are caused by speeding.

Autocar editor Chas Hallett commented: “Poor driving causes the vast majority of accidents and tailgating is the cause of many collisions. Tailgaters need to remember the danger they put other road users in.”

Indeed, 36 per cent of motorists surveyed in the study cited tailgating as the most irritating behaviour of other drivers.

Meanwhile, the Retail Motor Industry Federation recently told drivers to ensure optimum safety on the road, they should make sure their vision is never impaired by keeping their windscreen clear and clean.

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