Women ‘drive more safely than men’

Female motorists tend to be safer on the roads than their male counterparts, a road safety expert has claimed.

Adrian Walsh, director of transport industry safety partnership RoadSafe, has suggested that women tend to be slower and more considered drivers who take fewer risks on the road and look to be more considerate of other motorists.

He also moved to dismiss the idea that female car owners are less adept at maintaining their vehicles than men are, stating that there is “probably no evidence” or research on the matter to prove this is the case.

Mr Walsh added that the top safety tip he would give to male and female drivers alike would be to ensure that they have read their Highway Codes and to act on its advice.

Earlier this week, female drivers were advised by FOXY Lady Drivers Club to make sure their cars are checked out by garage professionals before embarking on a long trip to avoid the risk of breakdown.

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