How ChoiceQuote Provides the Best Motor Trade Insurance in the UK

There are a wealth of motor trade insurance companies in the UK, so knowing which one to choose is a difficult challenge.

As all businesses are different, finding an insurer that offers the perfect cover for your specific company can take a long time.

This is just one of the reasons why calling a motor trade insurance broker can be so beneficial — especially one that has over two decades of experience in the industry.

All of the brokers at ChoiceQuote can help you to obtain the best available cover for your business. Just a short phone call with our experts can save you time and hassle when compared to the effort it takes to call multiple insurers on your own.

Once we have received the details of your business, we will do the legwork by calling upon a number of different insurance providers to find cover that is not only suitable for the services you provide, but is also available at a great price.

We could even save you money by identifying the specific aspects of your business that require cover and defining whether it is more suitable for road risks insurance only or a traders combined policy.

By doing so, you won’t pay for cover you don’t need, or receive insufficient cover. The latter could mean your business would be at risk of financial difficulties in the future, if an expensive accident or incident occurs that you are not insured for.

There are a wide range of motor trade insurance products on offer from ChoiceQuote, so you should find something that suits your business.

For example, you might need insurance for premises, or cover for a loss in trading due to business interruption.

If you have another part-time profession outside the motor trade industry, such as a builder or a plumber, you could also receive cover for this small business as part of a road risks policy.

Speak to the brokers at ChoiceQuote to discover the multitude of products on offer so you can tailor a policy to fit your business perfectly.

With such great experience, top quality service and an impressive array of products and services, calling ChoiceQuote is the best way to find motor trade insurance in the UK.