City vs Countryside: The Best Option for Motor Trade Insurance

If you are looking into the possibility of moving your motor trade business to a new premises, it takes a lot of thought and preparation.

Of course, you need to find a location that suits the needs and services of your business, but you should also consider the impact it could have on the cost of future insurance policies.

There is a fine balance between finding a location that is great for customer access and avoiding higher motor trade insurance costs.

For example, if you move your business to the countryside, you might benefit from lower rental rates and cheaper motor trade insurance. Having a base outside of the city means the premises is less likely to be affected by crime and vandalism, so insurers will be more confident about providing cover.

However, a more remote location might mean you miss out on some trade. Premises in a town or city could bring in more business, but it is likely you will have to pay more for your motor trade insurance.

A countryside location might also make your business open to flooding. Investing in a building or worksite near a known flood plain might make the cost of insurance much higher. This is less likely in some built-up town and city areas.

Remember that not all motor trade insurance policies offer protection for premises. Make sure you speak to an experienced broker to find a policy that not only covers your day-to-day activities, staff and equipment, but also the place you work.