Plans for random breath tests emerge

Motorists, potentially including those with courier insurance, could face random tests to see whether they are over the legal blood alcohol limit under new proposals.

Plans have been outlined by the parliamentary advisory committee for transport safety to introduce round-the-clock checkpoints in areas where drink driving is considered a problem.

Until now, police have only been able to test motorist who appear to be driving erratically or who have been involved in some sort of incident or offence.

The suggestion follows police figures, showed that the number of tests conducted over the festive season was higher than the previous year’s, while detection of drink drivers was lower.

According to the Daily Mail, this has prompted the Department for Transport to believe that increased tests deter drivers from drinking.

“This will send a message to road users that ministers are taking the issue of drink driving seriously,” committee director Robert Gifford said of the proposals.

Four years ago the Home Office rejected calls by the European commission to introduce random breath tests, the BBC reports.