Work drivers ‘must buckle up’

Motorists who drive for work purposes, perhaps including those with courier insurance, are being advised to always wear a seatbelt.

The suggestion has been made by organisation RoadSafe, which claims that the number of work drivers failing to buckle up is too high.

Director of Driving for the Better Business programme led by RoadSafe Adrian Walsh commented: “The high incidence of company drivers who fail to belt up indicates a lax attitude – it is the clear responsibility of management to change this for the better.”

The plea follows recent government findings that 66,000 lives have been protected through the use of seatbelts since laws were brought in making it compulsory for drivers and front seat passengers to buckle up.

Further regulations came in during 1991 making it mandatory for rear seat travellers to also wear a seatbelt.

It was during this year that seatbelt wearing rates increased to 40 per cent from ten per cent.