Finding an Online Motor Trade Insurance Quote You Can Trust

If you are looking for an online motor trade insurance quote, then you will likely find that your luck is out – it’s often difficult to get a quotation without having to pick up the phone.

Using an online form to fill out all the preliminary information can make the process much quicker and simpler, allowing a motor trade insurance broker to gain an understanding of your needs to call you at a time that is most convenient for you in order to finalise your quote.

However, obtaining a quote and purchasing a policy online is not always a service that is readily available, unlike private car insurance.

As the business activity of motor traders can vary dramatically, you need to obtain a quote that suits the exact needs of your business – something that can’t be done through a comparison site.

If you do find a service that offers exceptionally cheap quotes online (rather than over the phone), you need to exercise some caution about what they are trying to sell as it could lead to trouble in the future.

In a number of cases, the website offering motor trade insurance might not be exactly what it says it is.

Alarm bells should sound if the offer on the table seems too good to be true. People advertising cheap motor trade insurance online through websites such as Facebook and Gumtree should also be avoided at all costs.

You might purchase what you believe to be a great priced policy, but in reality the fraudulent business just takes your money without anything given in return. In other instances, you might be given fraudulent cover that is worthless if anybody issues a claim against you.

There are a few ways to check whether or not an insurer is who it says it is. For example, you could check on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) website to see if the company is registered.

However, don’t be fooled by the presence of the FCA logo on the web page as it might not be genuine. It is very easy to add these images to a website, so make sure you use the Financial Services Register to be extra certain.

The best way to find an online motor trade insurance quote is by going through a trusted broker like ChoiceQuote.

The experts have a number of reliable contacts in the industry, which they can use to get you the right quote for your business at a price that suits you. In many cases, they might even be able to negotiate a better deal for you!