Haulage insurance customers ‘could turn to Volvo for green inspiration’

Haulage insurance customers looking to reduce their vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions and save money on fuel could do with taking a leaf out of Volvo’s book.

The vehicle manufacturer has implemented a series of measures aimed at making their haulage vehicles more environmentally-friendly.

It focused on educating its motorists in the way of fuel-efficient driving and established more efficient loading and packaging methods to cut down the number of its vehicles on the road.

Chief executive officer of Volvo Logistics Ake Niklasson commented: “We have gone over our operations with a fine-toothed comb … In several cases our green initiatives have increased transport efficiency and reduced costs.

“Naturally, these are very welcome side effects.”

Meanwhile, a recent study conducted by What Car? found that motorists can seriously effect the amount of fuel their vehicle consumes by the way they drive.

Using gears in a different way and accelerating at a slower rate are just two of the ways it claimed drivers could cut down on costs and reduce CO2 emissions.