Motorbike guidance to make roads safer?

Guidance on how road safety, design, maintenance and policy should take motorbikes into consideration is set to go online via a new website.

The Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers Guidelines for Motorcycling are being put online through a website which his being launched by road safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick, motorcycle insurance customers may be interested to read.

Mr Fitzpatrick stated that the guidelines would be available to a wide audience via the internet.

“Projects like this show the real benefits of the government’s motorcycling strategy, which has brought together a range of expert groups all working towards making motorcyclists safer,” he added.

Meanwhile, acting director of the RAC Foundation Sheila Rainger – which is helping support the portal – said that the website could help generate a safer environment for bikers on the roads.

Government findings suggest that motorcycling fatalities fell by three per cent from 2004 to 2005.