Another record year ahead for motor trade industry, statistics suggest

The motor trade industry is going to enjoy another record breaking year, according to statistics from

Online activity has soared at the start of the year, with the number of people visiting the site in January reaching 3.9 million, including a 23 per cent increase in mobile traffic. These figures suggest that interest from car buyers is higher than ever, which is boosted by the recent release of the new 2015 registration plates at the start of March.

Yet more evidence showing that the booming motor trade industry is going to continue to grow can only be good news for car dealerships and garages. However, as trade activity fluctuates and their business grows or retracts accordingly, it is important that these firms keep a keen eye on their road risks insurance and motor trade insurance to ensure it meets all of their needs.

The figures from Whatcar are supported by the monthly releases of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which has shown that car sales had increased for 35 consecutive months as of January this year. Some had predicted that such growth was unsustainable but Whatcar is confident, based on the number of people visiting its sites to research potential new and used car purchases, that dealers could top the total of 2.48 million set last year. editor, Jim Holder, said: “Car sales reached a 10-year high in 2014, but our figures suggest 2015 could be stronger still.

“There’s no doubt a more stable economy and low interest rates are driving sales, but manufacturers are building vehicles that are better than ever in terms of quality, safety and practicality. Add some very tempting Target Price deals to the mix and it is clear why sales are so strong.”