Autumn glare increases road risks

With the autumn months now upon us, the glare of the sun is leading to an increased risk of accidents, experts have warned.

According to the AA, the lower position of the sun at this time of the year has historically led to a rise in the number of crashes on the roads as the dazzle and glare of the sun obscures drivers’ vision. The repair company has subsequently released a range of tips to help motorists avoid falling victim of the setting sun’s glare.

Awkward lighting is just one of many issues that drivers are going to face while behind the wheel, and for those working in the motor trade industry repairing cars on a part-time basis, it is imperative they have a road risks insurance policy that will protect them in their business practices. Driving other people’s vehicles will be an integral part and parcel of their job, so having the best policy that will provide them with insurance for different cars – particularly as risks heighten at this time of the year – is of utmost importance.

The AA states that the rate of head-on crashes rises significantly in twilight conditions due to the glare of the sun and other vehicles casting long shadows, meaning it is more difficult to pick out other drivers.

The company advises that motorists should keep their windscreen clean on both the inside and outside. It added that the best approach is to slow down if your vision is obscured rather than continuing and hoping it will pass.