Brake to hold at-work road risk seminars

Road safety charity Brake has announced it will host two seminars on evaluating and ensuring road safety at work on 1 December 2015 and 25 February 2016.

Brake promises the seminars will provide employers with essential training on developing a comprehensive work-related road safety programme to help protect at-work drivers.

Car dealerships regularly require employees to drive unfamiliar or damaged cars as part of their working day. Combined motor trade insurance and road risks insurance are already in place in most garages to protect workers and the cars they driver, but further seminars could help car garage owners permanently reduce accident risks for members of staff.

As part of the seminar, Brake representatives will also highlight the importance of accurate data recording and analysis, which can be used to evaluate road safety risk to employees and impact on any future changes to a work-related road safety programme.

According to Ellie Pearson, professional engagement manager at Brake, at-work drivers are more likely to be involved in a road crash than those driving in their free time, making it vital that employers accurately assess and manage work-related road risk.

"This seminar will prove invaluable to any organisation looking to introduce or improve an existing road risk programme," she said.