Cambria profits jump due to ‘data driven’ approach

Revenue and profits have jumped at Cambria Automobiles, with a ‘data-driven’ approach to used car sales delivering a 148 per cent return on investment.

According to the car dealership group’s most recent figures, covering the six months up to the end of February 2016, overall revenue has risen by 14.7 per cent to £278.4 million. The unaudited interim figures also revealed that pre-tax profits increased 40.1 per cent to £4.6 million.

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During the six-month period covered by the figures, Cambria Automobiles has increased new vehicle sales by 5.1 per cent, with a 15.4 per cent jump in profit per car. As for used vehicles, sales rose 4.4 per cent.

Cambria Automobiles also released a range of other data about the business’s financial health. The figures showed that the group’s net profit margin had risen by 22.8 per cent to 1.67 per cent. The company also said it had net assets worth a total of £37.6 million.

Mark Lavery, the chief executive of Cambria Automobiles, said: “The group’s financial performance in the first half of the fiscal year has been strong.

“We have delivered increased profitability across the business, and I am particularly pleased with the performance in the used car operation where we are bucking the trend in the market and seeing increasing return on used car investment, up to 148 per cent in the period through improved stock management and sales process efficiency.

“Really, a lot of credit has to go to the digitisation of our used car operations. We use data from Auto Trader and BCA to ensure that we are buying the right stock. We appraise out cars accurately and make sure they are prepared within 24 hours.”