Car dealer calls for more apprentices

A car dealer in South Cheshire has put forward a plea for more apprentices to come forward to work in the motor trade industry.

Alex Walker, general manager at the Crewe Gateway dealership, says his company just took on an 18-year-old apprentice from a local college to help repair vehicles and has been very impressed with how well the scheme has worked. However, he said that not enough people are applying for similar programmes and is imploring more youngsters to give it a go.

Investing in youth is a worthwhile practice for any motor trade business – not only does it develop highly-skilled workers but it can also prove financially beneficial to employ younger staff. It is important to consider, though, if these young drivers will be named on the company’s road risk insurance policy. Indeed, it can prove difficult for younger, less experienced employees to be included as a named driver on such a policy, or at very least it can increase the price of the insurance.

Despite Mr Walker’s concerns, government figures actually suggest that more people are in fact applying for apprenticeship scheme, with numbers up 120 per cent in the north west over the past four years.

Mr Walker told the Nantwich News: “We are still looking for apprentices and we are surprised by the lack of interest!

“Ryan [the dealership’s most recent apprentice] has started with us and is really enjoying it. It’s a great career to get into and I’m sure there must be more out there in college or who have finished looking for something like this.”