Car dealer named and shamed for underpaying workers

A company which runs a collection of car dealerships has been named for failing to pay its employees minimum wage.

Saftdwin Limited sells cars out of premises in Old Basing, Andover, Farnham and Camberley. It has come under fire since it was revealed earlier this month that it has underpaid two of its workers by more than £800 by not meeting the minimum legal pay rates.

Paying employees in accordance with Government rules is, of course, an absolute must. But managers should also consider employer’s liability insurance as part of a combined motor trade insurance policy; this offers protection for the company and its staff should a worker suffer an injury while on the business premises.

As of January it was announced that employers who are found to be underpaying their workforce could face a fine of anything up to £20,000. If new plans go ahead then this penalty would be increased to a fine of up to £20,000 per employee as HMRC looks to clamp down on the problem.

A spokesman from Saftdwin Limited said: “We worked closely with HMRC during their investigation, which highlighted two discrepancies over a period of three years out of 275 staff.

“Having had this brought to our attention, it was rectified immediately and the affected staff paid accordingly. We undertook a review of processes and are confident of no future occurrences.”