Car dealers need to make things easier for customers, expert says

Motor trade businesses need to do more to make life easier for customers, according to an industry expert.

Terry Hogan, managing director of, believes that motor retail is failing to provide customers with the convenience they expect, both online and at physical locations. In the same way people today would shop online for better value and because it is easier, car dealerships and garages must make it easier for customers to find out about the cars they are selling, their prices and make enquiries.

Motor trade professionals would expect the same. Indeed, many garages and dealerships will shop around for an online road risks insurance quote, something they can do easily in their own time through sites like ChoiceQuote.

Hogan said: “Every consumer has a choice. If you don’t make it easy for the consumer, they can go elsewhere. Retailers are great at giving the consumer what they want, when they want it.

“Dealers hide their prices and services, and allow other businesses to eat their lunch.”

Some car makers have listened to this demand, with the likes of BMW and Toyota launching their own eBay shops and dealers advertising car parts online, AM Online reported. However, Hogan states that the motor trade industry must respond faster to customer requests – people today expect things within 24 hours, so taking three days or longer to deliver a product or service could see them go elsewhere.