Car explodes days after purchase from Hampshire dealer

Three people have narrowly escaped potentially fatal injuries after a second hand car exploded just days after it was bought from a Hampshire dealer.

Caroline Parker bought a Peugeot 307, which came complete with its full MOT, for £2,850 from Stan Rudgley’s firm Stratton Cars, which advertised the vehicle online. Mr Rudgley has been the subject of various complaints pertaining to dodgy vehicles and bouncing refund cheques, although he insists there were no faults with the car when he sold it.

Dramatic accidents like this reveal the importance for car dealers and mechanics to have road risks insurance. While explosions might be rare, second hand vehicles can carry various unpredictable faults so it is important that people in the motor trade industry have insurance for when they are driving vehicles as part of their day-to-day business.

According to the Southern Daily Echo, just says after buying the car Ms Parker saw a lot of smoke coming out of the back of the Peugeot. She, along with her daughter Kelly and nine-month-old grandson Henley, had to quickly run from the car, which burst into flames moments later.

The vehicle was completely destroyed in the fire and the road was even melted by the extreme heat. Despite having a two-year warranty on the car she was told by Stratton Cars to claim the damages on her insurance.

Mr Rudgley said the car was fully serviced before sale and that no problems had been reported in the two weeks prior to the event. He added that the warranty only covered mechanical breakdown.

The incident has been reported to Hampshire Trading Standards.