Car sales manager jailed for £100,000 fraud scam

A car sales manager in Gloucester has been jailed for misleading colleagues to loan him money to the value of £100,000, which he never returned.

Richard Powell, 46, was a manager at Bayliss Vauxhall car dealership from 2006. While there he convinced two members of his own team to loan him £67,254 by persuading them that the company was in dire financial straits and the 'loans' would save their jobs, the Gloucester Citizen reported. They never got this money back.

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Gloucester Crown Court heard that Mr Powell was eventually sacked for “financial irregularities” but he was then able to secure a job as a sales executive at Renault Hylton in Cheltenham. Between June 2010 and August 2011 he repeated the same trick, duping customers out of £40,149 by keeping their deposits and “cooking the books” to cover his tracks.

In total he pocketed £107,403. The judge sentenced him to two years and eight months in prison after he admitted the charges of fraud at the two companies.