Car sellers share their weirdest test drive stories

A car salesman from Dover feared he was going to be kidnapped during a test drive with a customer, a new piece of research has uncovered.

Leasing firm asked more than 200 car dealers to share their test drive experiences and most had an interesting story to tell. For example, one man called Greg told the tale of when he was on a test drive with a customer and two of their friends then jumped in the back seat – ignoring Greg's directions, the potential customer took them miles off route.

"It was when we got in the queue for Dover Ferry Terminal that I genuinely thought I was being kidnapped, and thought about quietly calling the police," Greg said. Fortunately the man just wanted to try the vehicle on the motorways and the car, and Greg, were returned to the dealership unscathed.

Test drives can throw up all sorts of unexpected events, that is why having demonstration cover as part of a combined motor trade insurance is so important. As long as the test driver provides a valid driver's licence and is accompanied by a member of staff, this type of insurance will protect the vehicle and others on the road in case a road accident takes place.

Other interesting stories uncovered by's research included a man asking if he and the salesman could "quickly stop off at a shop"; the car dealer said yes and before he knew it they had made a trip to B&Q and the salesman was helping him offload a boot-full of paving slabs at his home.

To prove the value of demonstrations cover, which essentially acts as a road risks insurance policy but for customers, another motor trader, Stacey, told the researchers: "Shortest test drive ever, off the forecourt, straight into the side of a bus… I didn't get the sale, either – they said they didn't like the brakes."