Car servicing overtakes MOT in workshop bookings

Car servicing has overtaken MOTs as the single biggest factor for the use of vehicle workshops, accounting for 26 per cent of all bookings, according to Castrol Professional's GIPA Drivers Study UK 2015.

In contrast, the number of MOT workshop bookings has dropped by four per cent, with the annual roadworthiness test for older vehicles moving into second place accounting for just 21 per cent of bookings.

The research also found that the total number of workshop bookings has reduced by 2.4 per cent to 34.36 million between 2013 and 2014, which works out at an average of 1.15 visits per car per year.

Fluctuations in the type and frequency of bookings made are normal part of running a car garage, but they can force dealers and mechanics to take various considerations into account, including their road risks insurance or motor trade insurance policy. As their business changes, car garage owners should ensure they have the right cover to suit the type and number of vehicles on their site, as well as the type of work conducted by their employees.

According to Nigel Head, Castrol head of marketing UK & Ireland, changes to the type and frequency of repair work may also require car business owners to take into account the value they extract from each customer contact.

"It’s crucial that dealers identify legitimate extra repair and maintenance work and then use this as the basis for ongoing discourse with the customer," he said.