Car stolen from MOT centre and written off

A mechanic has been jailed after he stole and wrote off a car from an MOT centre.

The Renault Clio belonged to Mark Unsworth from Preston. He had taken the vehicle to a local garage for its MOT where employee Steven Reece stole and drove the car at speeds of over 70mph in a 20mph zone before crashing it into a bus.

Mr Reece had already been banned from driving with more than 90 previous convictions including dozens of motoring offences, the Lancashire Evening Post reported. The mechanic took the car without the garage’s permission and sped away with two other passengers while under the influence of cannabis and alcohol.

While any car garage or dealership needs to have a combined motor trade insurance policy in place to cover the vehicles they have on site against the threat of theft, they can eradicate some risk of this happening by thoroughly vetting their staff. Employees with no criminal or driving offences to their name could also be far cheaper to add as named drivers on a road risks insurance policy.

Mr Reece and both the passengers were seriously hurt in the crash in which the driver hit a Transit van before colliding with a bus in Larches Estate. The joyrider was sentenced to three years and four months in jail.

Mr Unsworth, meanwhile, has been left disgruntled that his car was scrapped without him being informed. He said: “You could see from the photos it was a write-off, but they should still have asked my permission before crushing it. The garage said the police had authorised it to be scrapped. But the police told me they hadn’t.

“I’m blazing because that car was my pride and joy. It was my first car and it meant a lot to me. There wasn’t a lot left after the fire brigade had cut the top off to get the injured out. But I would have liked a chance to get my stuff out.”