Cars at dealership damaged in fuel theft

Cars were left with thousands of pounds of damage after petrol thieves broke into a dealership in Worcestershire.

Five cars at the Lambrou Motors dealership in Evesham were targeted in the attack, and another damaged via punching or kicking. However, the thieves left frustrated, after their attempts only gained them around £30 worth of fuel.

Such a situation will be eased to an extent by a motor trade insurance policy. The policy covers everything contained within the building and on site, including vehicles, equipment and staff, as well as the building itself. In this case, the owner of the car dealership can call on his policy to ensure he does not suffer a loss.

The forecourt’s director Lambros Lambrou explained: "They broke the fuel caps off five cars and when they couldn't syphon off the fuel they used a screwdriver or something similar to puncture the fuel tanks on the cars and drain the fuel that way.

"To do what they did they will have had to be here at least half an hour but only managed to get 20 to 30 litres of fuel at most."

He added that the thieves, possibly in an act of frustration, then kicked or punched an estate car on their way out, causing around £1,000 of damage, bringing the total damage caused to £4,500.

The police have said that they will raise patrols in the area and investigate surrounding CCTV to try and identify the suspects, the Tewkesbury Admag reported.