Customer feedback scheme launched for UK car dealerships

An initiative has been launched to enable car buyers in the UK to provide feedback on their car dealerships.

The simply titled Feedback Scheme is a free website for customers to visit – they just enter the name of the dealership and its location and then provide feedback on the service they received. This information is then passed on to the manager of the dealership who can choose to reply to the buyer, all with the aim of minimising the number of disgruntled customers who take to social media to voice their negative comments.

Building up a positive reputation over time is not just a benefit when dealing with customers; the same is true when it comes to obtaining and renewing a road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy. Having a clean track record with no claims will likely see the cost of the business’ policy decline year-on-year – in the same way that it does for consumer insurance.

Jamie Snape, founder of Feedback Scheme, explained the reasoning behind the initiative: “Until now every dealership group was forced to setup its own feedback website which they print hopefully on the bottom of their invoices, and many independent dealers simply don't have one.

“If unhappy with a service or aftercare, especially with a big ticket purchase such as their car, a customer wants to be able to quickly and easily communicate this to the local manager within the dealership, and have them action change on the ground.”

The new website – – allows them to do just this. It will not only benefit the car buyer but also help the dealership to improve its customer service by taking the feedback onboard.